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Going out of town? Why boarding your dog is a good idea.

It’s Summertime! People are looking to escape, unwind and relax. A vacation has probably never been more overdue than now. You may have already made plans or are thinking about where to go, and, very importantly, what to do with your dog. You may be thinking of traveling by plane or going by car somewhere amazing. You may be considering taking your dog on the vacation, after all they are family!

Here is little Love having the time of her life at Fit and Go Pets!

While traveling with your dog is wonderful, you may want to think twice about traveling with your him/her during this time as there are so many restrictions everywhere due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are three reasons why boarding your dog is a good idea: 1_ Dog-Friendly Environment Dog boarding facilities offer spaces that have been designed for dogs to play and interact safely. The areas are fenced in and secured to avoid dogs from escaping. The spaces within boarding facilities are typically temperature controlled and offer pools and other equipment to keep dogs cool during the hotter months. Sleeping spaces are normally clean and comfortable for dogs to relax and get good rest after their daily activities.

Lola taking a nap after a very fun day at Fit and Go Pets!

2_ Fun and Positive Stimulation Boarding facilities are fun places for dogs! They typically offer plenty of activities to keep them entertained and stimulated. Some have a good mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, offering even more options for the dogs to play and be positively stimulated. The trained caretakers at dog boarding facilities ensure that playtime is safe and that dogs receive the one-on-one attention and care they need to enjoy themselves during their stay.

Niko having a blast in the pool!

3_ Dedicated Caretakers There are always dedicated caretakers at boarding facilities. They are normally trained in canine behavior and in managing dogs of all sizes and temperaments. Dog caretakers at boarding facilities can also administer medication and provide first aid to dogs that need it. They ensure that the dogs stay safe, healthy and happy at all times.

Vanessa, Rosy and Adriana with Ernie, Django and Rover <3!

If you are still planning to travel with your dog, make sure to research and understand the restrictions and new (and ever changing) rules of the airlines, hotels, home rentals, car rentals, etc., to make sure you don’t run into issues and that your dog’s vacation is as pleasant as yours! If you are thinking of boarding your dog, always do your research. Ask to tour the facilities you are considering so you see where your dog will sleep and play. Knowing that your dog is safe and enjoying him/herself while you’re away will give you peace of mind! We hope you have found these tips useful. Happy travels! Stay safe friends! Enjoy the boarding promo we have going at Fit and Go Pets until July 31. PROMO ALERT Going out of town? Check out our new boarding promo! Get 5th night FREE!

When you board your dog for four (4) consecutive nights, you get the 5th night FREE. Promo not valid for families with multiple dogs as every second dog gets a 50% OFF their stay. Offer ends July 31.

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