• Fit & Go Pets Team

Do you want your pet to live longer?

Good dental care can help your pet live up to 20% longer.

Did you know that by age three, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have a form of dental disease.

Dental disease is the #1 illness affecting pets. Dental disease can affect your pet's heart, kidneys and lungs.

For a long time the only option to keep your pet's dental health in check was to put them under general anesthesia. Well, not any longer. We've partnered with Healthy Smile Pet Dental to offer non-anesthetic dental cleaning for your pets on Thursday, October 17 at our facility, Fit and Go Pets located at 711 NW 24 Street, Miami, FL 33127. The procedure is pain free, risk free and fast (about an hour long).

The price is $150 (under 40 lbs) and $200 (over 41 lbs).

We can provide transportation ($15 each way within an 8 mile radius from our facility), daycare, as well as bath/grooming services in the same visit.

Book your appointment today.

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