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Better Business Bureau Accredited

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Our business is based on trust.

Your Trust in us Matters

When we started thinking about working with dogs, we knew that the number one thing we needed to seek from our customers was trust. If we earned their trust, we knew we'd be successful.

However, earning our customers' trust isn't easy. It is earned day in and day out by ensuring that our customers see in us an extended family. One that they can always reach out to for help with anything related to their pet. It's working everyday to ensure that their pet feels at home with us and comes in and leaves happy. It is the result of being consistent with the positive experience and support we provide.

We are blessed to work with dogs. These are the furry babies of the families we serve. When a dog is brought to us for care they immediately become our pet. They are taken care of as if they were a member of our family. It shows in how we treat their humans and them. That is all because their human's and their trust matters greatly to us.

The Better Business Bureau confirmed this. They conducted a thorough analysis on our owners, operations, customer dynamics and granted us accreditation. That fills us with pride and reassures us that we should continue doing what we are doing.

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